Our Services

At Pune Path Lab Services we provide laboratory testing of various kinds of sample for our clients.
The testing done on the samples at our laboratory is accurate and verified by experts.
Hematology Testing

Experts in our lab specialize in working on all kinds of blood samples to test for blood related issues. We conduct tests on blood samples of clients to know their ABO group and Rh Type, B.T and C.T, Hemoglobin levels, etc. and get accurate results on tests like Hemograms and Prothrombin test. Blood samples are collected either from the customer location or customer can visit the lab to give us a sample. Our expert Phlebotomist Mr. Avinash Bhalkate is very prompt in collecting samples accurately.

Clinical Pathology

We provide testing of not only blood but other bodily fluids as well. We conducts tests like Ascitic Fluid analysis, PAP Smear, Peritoneal Fluid analysis, Semen Analysis, Stool Analysis, Urine routine and many more. These test results can throw better light on the clients health condition and if any beginning of a illness is detected, it can be prevented.


We conduct tests like Blood culture, Body Fluid culture and sensitivity, Gram Stain, Fungal Smear, Urine culture and sensitivity, etc. to know the infection causing microorganisms in these samples. These tests can help provide a better understanding of the infection the patient has and hence treatment becomes clear for the doctors


We perform tests on blood serum to know results on HIV testing I and II, CRP and RA tests, detection on Dengue and even pregnancy testing.


Various tests are conducted on various samples given by the client to determine levels of Cholesterol, calcium, phosphorus, albumin, creatinine, sodium, potassium and much more. We use highly efficient machinery to give optimum results on the samples. Parameters of these various factors are given on the reports we generate.


Tests are also conducted at our laboratory on breast lumps, appendix, fibroids, uterus tube ovaries and many more other doubtful lumps caused in the clients body.

Specialized Testing

We also conduct tests for Thyroid detection and hormonal level counts like T3, T4 and TSH. Also other specialized tests like antithyroid and insulin count testing is done our premise.