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At Pune Path Lab Services, we provide precise and timely pathology services to ensure you receive the best care possible.

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Comprehensive Blood Panels
Our thorough blood tests cover a wide range of markers to assess your overall health, including cholesterol, glucose levels, and more.
Urine Analysis
Accurate and quick urine tests to detect infections, kidney disorders, and other urinary tract issues.
Pathology Consultations
Consult with our experienced pathologists to interpret test results and receive expert medical advice.
Tissue Biopsy

Specialized tissue biopsies to diagnose or rule out diseases like cancer with precision and care.

Our Laboratory Advantages


Advanced Diagnostic Equipment

Our lab utilizes cutting-edge technology to ensure high precision in all tests, enhancing diagnostic accuracy.


Rapid Test Results

We prioritize timely delivery of test results, understanding the urgency that accurate health information demands.


Experienced Medical Staff

Our team comprises highly skilled professionals with years of experience in pathology and diagnostics.


Comprehensive Test Range

From routine screenings to specialized diagnostics, we offer a complete spectrum of pathology services.


Quality Assurance

Every test conducted is overseen by our quality assurance team to ensure reliability and accuracy.


Patient-Centric Services

We are dedicated to providing a compassionate and convenient experience for all our patients.

What Our Clients Say

‘I’ve never felt more confident in the results of my medical tests. Pune Path Lab Services handled everything with such professionalism and care.’ – Emily R.

Emily R.

Regular Client

‘The detailed analysis and quick turnaround time at Pune Path Lab Services are unmatched. Highly recommend their services!’ – John D.

John D.

Satisfied Customer

‘Pune Path Lab Services provided exceptional service during a stressful time. Their staff was supportive and thorough.’ – Anita S.

Anita S.

Healthcare Professional

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